We propel place-making through public art

Working closely with cities, architects, developers and community organizations; we are able to harness and develop assets for urbanism planning. We propel place-making by delivering art experiences that create a unique sense of community and positively grow the local cultural ecosystem.

We curate high caliber art programming at an international scale

Justkids is the award-winning firm partnering up with visionary festivals, agencies and cities to create amazing visual experiences that set events apart and inspire diverse communities. With over 7 years of experience curating world-class art programming for festivals and large scale events: we’re making it all happen from the ground up: from concept development, artist management, curatorial expertise to on-site production and content creation.

We connect top-tier urban artists with leading global brands

We help brands integrate genuine artist led creativity to their communication strategies, orchestrating unique experiences that harness the cultural currency of leading contemporary figures. Our scope of services include curatorial consulting, advisory and brokering art, designing semi-permanent and permanent installations and managing artist + brand collaborations for national and global campaigns, as well as limited edition product series.