Gallery / Art Exhibition

Client: Justkids + Ana Maria
Location: San Juan, PR
Artist: Ana Maria
Service: Curation, development, production, representation, Cultural Placemaking. 


Amorfo solo exhibition, curated by Charlotte Dutoit and produced by JUSTKIDS, is Puerto Rican artist; Ana María,  most ambitious exhibition to date, presented  in San Juan, Puerto Rico from December 15th 2016  through December 30th.  

 Understanding love as a universally-recognized fact yet profoundly individual experience, Ana presents us with a world populated by multiplicities and, because of that, exposed to different artistic mediums where a thematic line is enhanced and overcomes the experience. The body, that vehicle of life, mutates, changes and is transformed once the mysteries of love and all of its vicissitudes capture it. This glorified torment doesn’t just leave its mark on the body, it passes through it, and what is history if not precisely that which leaves a mark? Even so, incomplete and counterfeit, we keep on loving in a brutal progression of change until we cease to be. “Amor/fo” can be read as a play on words that exposes a lingering critique of the devastating effects of love, which leaves us incomplete and undefined. All the while, paying tribute to that formlessness. 





Visitors: 600+ 
Artworks created: 22