Trevor and Cosmo


Country: Canada

Trevor Wheatley and Cosmo Dean are best known for their sculptural installations that re- contextualize urban slang - Dime, Snitch, Nah, Bless- are all expressions turned into art in the form of large bold 3d lettering and driven out of the city. The Canadian landscape installations juxtapose the urban with the natural through a physical, hybrid realization of pop culture, slang, trend and the re-contextualization of popular language. Their work reaches a broad audience by using the familiar language of advertising and the nuance of language. 

Their piece for Life is Beautiful Festival  2016 (curated by Justkids) embodies the ethos of the event:  big, shiny, and ultimately aims to be a memorable spectacle.  LAST CHANCE (2016) , acts as a reminder that the festival experience is fleeting, but the memories created there are not. 

Instagram: @treverferever

Maria Frederique