Morag Myerscough


Country: United Kingdom

Morag Myerscough’s work often orchestrates type and form and space informed, perhaps, by her graphic design education . Her use of colour is solid, chunky, with a rhythm and the influence of textile. She’s increasingly sought out to work on larger and bolder projects, from the Deptford Project Café and MVMNT Café to The Bernie Grant Arts Centre Café and The Design Museum in London. She’s been lauded with numerous award nominations including the Design Museum’s Design of the Year and has been awarded the position of Royal Designer for Industry.

Morag has brought her energy and colourful zing to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Temple of Agape on London’s Southbank, Zynga in San Francisco and Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas, and a hospital in Sweden, to name a few.

Follow Morag on Instagram: @moragmyerscough