Country: France

Born in Metz (France) in 1987, Mantra is a self-taught street artist that has an 11 year trajectory  since that he began painting, mainly on walls, in the french graffiti scene. He grew up between the noise of the city and the whispers of the surrounding countryside. In his paintings and murals, Mantra pays tribute to nature (be it human or wild) in a unique “realist” yet lively style

The artist's murals process is a careful combination of careful perspective composition lending mastery to his Trompe-l'œil style along with exquisite use of colors, leaving his distinctive trace in the urban areas he visits like an echoing mantra, hence his artist name. The rising french artist is well on his way to the international vanguard of contemporary muralism,  having his works recognized beyond the European frontiers.

Instagram: @mantrarea


Maria Frederique