Edoardo Tresoldi


Country: Italia

Edoardo Tresoldi is a Italian sculptor & scenographer who creates amazing hand-made sculpture from metallic wire mesh, transforming a mundane industrial material into delicately crafted three-dimensional figures. The artist's sculpture have a sense of capturing time like photography, but with life-sized and larger meshed figures. The ephemerality of the art places  a ghostly stamp within space. In reference to his work Tresoldi says, "Through these figures emerging from wire, I strive to capture the relation of the human body to space. These woven sculptures of wire depict a frozen moment in time."

His participation for the Life Is Beautiful Festival 2014, curated by Justkids, was the first appearance of Edoardo Tresoldi’s work in the United States. 


website: www.edoardotresoldi.com
Instagram: @edoardotresoldi

Maria Frederique