Doze Green

Country: USA
Born in 1964 in Bronx NYC, Doze Green began painting on New York subway trains in the 1970s. He rapidly distinguished himself through his highly recognizable graphic style exhibiting his work as early as 1981.  His creations have been displayed at the Fun Gallery, The Venice Biennale, Pavillon Bienal Sao Paulo and at Tony Shafrazi Gallery alongside Keith Haring and Rammelzzee who became his very good friend and mentor.

Alongside to his artistic talents Doze has also distinguished himself through another emerging discipline; break dancing, becoming an essential member of the mythical Rock Steady Crew.  But much more than a successful painter and dancer,  Doze Green stands out as one of the most important figures of the late 20th century American Contemporary Art movement. His practice has evolved beyond the street, into complex studio works that expand on his typographic and graffiti roots. 

Green has developed a unique and iconic style exploring figurative abstraction, fluidity by combining different influences such as writing, Japanese calligraphy, graphics and Cubism.  Doze Green character’s are applied through a number of layers into a body of work that is both structurally loose and complex. Portrayed in a state of flux, Green’s elements evolve around his signature aesthetic, which stems from the kinetic ow of action painting. 

Instagram: @dozegreen


Maria Frederique