Circus Family

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Country: Amsterdam

Circus Family. (est. 2007) is a family of audiovisual designers with a passion for bringing challenging projects to life using design, moving image, music and interactive technology.

Merging design and technology, Circus Family  explore new territories, creating powerful audiovisual experiences and telling stories worth telling. Circus Family have developed work in the fields of fashion, music, sports and luxury. Commissions for brands include Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Vlisco, Zoe Karssen and events like SXSW festival and New York Design Week.

Beyond commission based work, the collective thrive in developing their  own projects, just for the fun of it. Their immersive installation TRIPH is a perfect example; when there is no audience around the pulsing lights gloom slightly as if the object is asleep. When visitors approach the installation it  slowly comes to life as color gradients fill the shapes, the mirrored surfaces start reflecting those colors and a soundscape fills the area. This project invites visitors to become part of it. A light experience in which the audience directs the intensity, audio and colorgradients by simply approaching and or moving around in between the shapes and the installation. As storytellers and designers, Circus Family aim with this project to show that a number of different techniques can be combined into this mix of unexpected shapes and materials that help to create a new way of experiencing a story.

Originally commissioned to be part of the official Art Program during SXSW Festival in Texas 2017. It is currently touring the US and has been exhibited at Wanted Design / NYCxDESIGN, Northside Festival in Brooklyn and our very own The Unexpected Festival in Downtown Fort Smith, Arkansas.


Instagram: @circusfamily

Maria Frederique