Bordalo portrait.jpg

Country: Portugal

Based in Lisbon, the Portuguese artist Artur Bordalo, known as Bordalo II, has gained international acclaim not only for his keen artistic eye, but for the media he has chosen for this body of work. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather who also painted the city walls, Bordalo chose to visually entice the fellow inhabitants while engaging in a dialog about a concern that encompasses all of us. Collecting various discarded materials natural to each city he visits, Bordalo II incorporates waste such as old tires, appliances, aluminum cans, and imperishable objects into his street art installations.

In his figurative reliefs as well as stand alone sculptures,  Bordalo II forms various animals that are directly affected by the junk used to create his works. Although each piece is comprised of trash, the final product can’t be further away from it.

Instagram: @b0rdalo_ii

Maria Frederique